Content Devourer To Content Creator

I’m writing this while listening to Submarine and A Roach’s penultimate episode, “Better Call TMT”. If you currently don’t listen to this podcast, do yourself a favour and check it out here.

This is the second time I’m mentioning the podcast on this blog but that’s because I genuinely love it. Not just because I’m halfway in love with their voices.

I love the fact that the podcast keeps me tethered to home, to Nigeria in general. Since I attend college in the United States, and fortunately/unfortunately won’t get the chance to go home this summer because of work, I have been tormented by homesickness for the past few months.

However, Submarine and A Roach comforts me and helps me think that I am not that separated from home by keeping me up to date with the latest music and drama that goes on in the country. Honestly, I get a significant part of my Nigerian news from this podcast. On another note, I also appreciate this show because I admire what the show creators (TMT, KOJ, and Mayowa) are doing. As they mention often, they are content creators. Mayowa, for instance, is the founder and creative genius behind Culture Custodian (another thing that you should definitely check out). The fact that they have created this platform where they get to share their interests, and basically educate ignorant people like me on music, and culture in general, is quite amazing.

Rather than just merely taking in the culture, they are creating something out of it, which is what I wish to do. I am tired of simply devouring the culture, and not creating anything out of it. I spend hours on my phone scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and various blogs on the Internet. I justify it to myself by saying that I am trying to pick up information, and that the information gives me knowledge, and since knowledge is power…I’m basically gaining power. But I secretly know that this is just an excuse. I mean knowledge IS power, but that only happens when the knowledge is utilized properly and wisely, rather than letting it fade away in one’s memory vault.

Even my cousins are creating their own YouTube channel, where they discuss whatever comes to their minds.

I can’t think of a conclusion or lesson to end this post because I still haven’t discovered a way to transition from being a devourer to a creator, but once I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I will just leave you with my favourite moments from the episode:

  • When TMT said M.I. had the “swag of a tomato” – because what other object can perfectly describe swag apart from a tomato?
  • Also when TMT said he won’t trust M.I. Abaga with scissors.
  • Learning about how various rappers in the industry were influenced by each other: Falz ≠ Ajebutter (even though they came up together?), Boj = Yinka Bernie, and etc.
  • When they talked about LOS and Boj, and I flashed back to secondary school times when songs like: “Toyin”, “Boj on the Microphone”, “Selecta” and “Cruella” were always playing – guess what playlist I’m going to listen to next?
  • KOJ diversifying the portfolios of yahoo boys – because even fraudsters deserve to be financially solvent.


–  M.



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