Journey To 100%

One of the sagest words of wisdom that I received this year was from this phenomenal woman who said that before one enters a relationship, each partner has to be 100%.

To preface this, you know how some people believe that entering into a relationship with someone else, completes them? The ideal that you just have to be 50% and the other person is 50% and together, you both make 100%. Simple math.

Well I don’t think that should be the case. What should happen instead is that you should work on yourself so you can become 100%, in the sense that you are mature, physically, emotionally and spiritually, as an individual and are not reliant on another person to build you up to be the best you can be.

I can honestly say right now that I am not 100%. I know that I still need to mature emotionally and spiritually. Specifically, concerning emotional maturation, I need to learn how to be more considerate.

Disclaimer: I am not a selfish individual who only thinks about herself. I am try to be kind often. But as a fiercely independent person who tries to avoid being beholden or reliant to another person, I occasionally have to force myself to consider the welfare of others. Not the serious welfare that affects one’s wellbeing but more like the consideration that reminds me to ask about a person’s needs before leaving a table to refill my cup, or the consideration that reminds me to inform another person of my plans for the night or the week so that I can try to spend time with them.

Because I know that I am not yet at this stage, I haven’t even considered entering a relationship. So yes, I am currently on the journey to become 100%. 100% in the way I interact with people, 100% in the way I take care of my self, and 100% in the way I care for others. It’s often a struggle but an experience nonetheless.

What do you think of this 100% ideology? How do you work on becoming 100%? Feel free to comment.


–  M.



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