New Year, Better You

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, a few days ago, and the conversation naturally turned to the New Year and resolutions, which often occurs during this period. She mentioned that 2017 was the year for a better her. She’s pretty great already but she was adamant that she wanted to become better: at meeting people, doing new things, possibly finding a relationship, etc.

This got me thinking about how exactly I want to become a better person this year. I’ve already talked about how this is my year to make moves and money. But apart from the big goals, what are the little goals I can and should set for myself?

I thought about the obvious:

  • Exercising more – So far I have been to the gym two times, which is a feat for anyone who knows me. I even used a weight machine! God knows that I need it with my noodle arms.


  • Eating healthier – I am a staunch meat eater. I am completely unapologetic about it, to the point that I avoid salads, or any type of vegetables, like the plague. But I surprisingly have started to eat better. I add a few tomatoes to my meal, I eat a fruit bowl in the morning and I even tried granola. Shocker! I know.


  • Talking to more people – I’m still working on this goal, mainly because I have finals now at school, so I really should be spending my time studying instead of meeting new people.
  • Trying new things – Did I mention that I tried granola? Enough said.
  • Rediscovering my love of learning – This is a major goal for me because somehow I have become lost in the flood of studying and completing problem sets that I seem to have forgotten why I am doing this. It’s hard to remember why I chose Chemical and Biological Engineering as a major when my days are filled with writing papers and working on Physics (ergh!) problem sets. I’ve also stopped reading, which is a major thing for me. I used to rely on reading the way I rely on breathing, but despite the many times I tell myself to do so, my books remain uncracked and unopened, gathering dust in my overflowing bookshelf. So I am going to try and change. I’ll try and remember why I chose this major, why I chose this class, and focus less on my grades and GPA, and more on the significance of learning the material.

I want to have this attitude to learning.



But most importantly, I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to TREAT MYSELF more. Especially because yours truly is turning the big 19 in 11 days!!!


This could mean eating more ice-cream (because it is sweet nectar), hanging out more with my crazy friends, dancing more in my room as I sing  my favourite songs as loudly as I can, or even just pleasure reading. I don’t know.

You should do it too. What makes you happiest? If you can answer this question then try and treat yourself at least once a day. Trust me, everything becomes easier and more bearable when you’re happy.


So here’s to becoming a better, happier, smarter, and more successful person!


–  M.


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