Accountability Ride or Die

You know how everyone should have at least one ride or die friend? The person who supports you no matter the situation? The friend who you can call for help at 4 am, and will send help your way? The one who doesn’t judge you, even when you are being stupid, who calls you out on your B.S. and is always there with a comforting shoulder?


Well, everyone who aspires to make moves needs an accountability ride or die. This person could be your ride or die friend (if they don’t mind the burden), a mentor, a professor, a parent, etc.

First off, who is an accountability ride or die (ARD)? Well, this is someone who keeps you focused and accountable to your goals? This is the person who would pull you out of your moods of self-doubt (check previous post) and encourage you to keep on working? This is the person who you can bounce ideas off of, the person who shares your passion for making a difference, the person who you NEED to have in your network.

I have an ARD. She’s one of my closest friends from secondary school. We both attended the Elevate Her conference in December, which was the moment when I decided to create my blog.


Ever since then, she has been reminding me to keep up with my blog posts, and I cannot describe how grateful I am to her (she’s probably reading this, so THANK YOU FRIEND!) She’s probably the only person I’ve told about this blog for now. We have a Google Doc with all our goals (short-term and long-term) so we can continuously remind ourselves to keep on working and striving. So in a way, I’m her ARD as well.

If you have an ARD, good for you! Now think about if you are anyone else’s ARD. If not, how can you become one? If you don’t have an ARD, don’t wait for one to stroll along and hit you on your head. Go and find one (but try to avoid coming across as being too forceful or desperate).

Here’s to my ARD, and all the ARD’s out there! Before you know it, we’ll all be celebrating our successes together!



–  M.



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